Hallett Peak Sunrise

Business Travel

Approaching one of our busier travel months in May – I don’t mind the business travel mainly because it allows me ‘free’ airfare to places away from home where I can leverage the trip into some photo opportunities. I took this picture while I was in Denver meeting with a client – after the meeting I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park and stayed at a hotel about five miles from the entrance of the park.

It was February and I’ve never snow shoed before so I made sure that the lodge I stayed at provided access to snow shoes that I could rent or borrow. When I arrived at the hotel (shortly after six PM) the place was completely vacant – so much so that I thought they forgot I had a room for the night. There was a number on the front door so I called it and the owner answered and assured me he had my reservation and had just left the key to my room sitting next to the door. I told him that all sounded good but what about the snow shoes – he said those to were just sitting out back in an unlocked crate and I could pick my shoes and my hiking poles.

Now being originally from near Detroit, Michigan and now living in Chicago this was crazy to me that I could just walk up, grab keys to my room and then head around back grab some snow shoes (they retail for a couple hundred bucks for a decent pair I realized when looking into buying some before the trip) for my hike in the morning.

The seclusion of the hike added to the beauty (although I did get lost a couple times in the darkness) and reaching this spot ahead of sunrise was worth the early wake up call.


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