Spring in Chicago

I went downtown for dinner on Saturday night and brought the camera with me. It had been awhile since I’d been to Michigan Ave and I was pleasantly surprised the city got the memo that spring is in the air! Cubs are playing, my softball team is getting ready to take the field, outdoor seating is setup and people (including me) are wearing shorts! Of course by Monday afternoon it was dipping (rapidly) into the 40s and I was being blown all over by the gusts of wind.

Chicago in the spring/summer/fall is amazing – the winter, however, leaves alot to be desired.

Blue Hour

So they say you have to ‘chase the light’ and in order to get it right you can only take pictures in the hour before/after sunrise and sunset. This was very close to the actual sunset time although the sky still looks blue to me. There weren’t many clouds and the sky lacked much sunset type color – sometime you just don’t get lucky.


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