Displaying Photos for Charity

So I’ve donated a canvas print of any of pictures from my website (The Roaming Lama) to a silent auction for a wonderful charity called Open Heart Magic and I was thinking of ways to show for the silent auction exactly what was being donated. I don’t know what sort of space I will have or how it will all go as this is my first time donating like this. I wound up framing four prints and bringing a canvas print that we have hanging in our living room over to the OHM office so that they could choose what to display. We will see how it goes at the Tricks are For Kids benefit on Friday.

Have you ever donated a print to charity and if so how did it go? I’d be interested in knowing what others have done. It is a silent auction and it is on Friday so here’s hoping it goes well. This is the picture we have hanging on canvas in our living room.

Acorn Street in Boston, MA

So apparently this is one of the most photographed streets in the country. This was taken on an October day as the sun was setting – what I love most about it is the reflection in the window at the end of the street. Their must have been a tree or something around the corner and it looks like the room is on fire with the reflection bouncing off of the window. I also just love the colors and texture of the cobblestone street.


4 thoughts on “Displaying Photos for Charity

    • Thanks so much for the compliment. I took a bunch when I was there but our hotel was a bit far from the Charles so I don’t have many in good lighting conditions. I have a couple that I took up by Harvard that I will try to post on here over the next couple of weeks.

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