Earth Day 2012

So Earth Day is coming up on Sunday – I know this because my office building (in the middle of downtown Chicago mind you) was giving out baby pine trees in honor of Earth Day 2012. Now I think this really is a great idea and for people that live in the suburbs I think they should gladly accept the tree and plant it in their yards. However, I tried to decline my tree and was given a snubbed nose gesture by the tree lady as if I didn’t care about Earth Day and was anti-nature. It’s not that I don’t like nature, in fact, I love nature. I’m an avid reader of Backpacker magazine, I Zinio National Geographic and if I didn’t live in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world with limited hiking opportunities within miles I’d probably go for a hike every weekend (we have no car which makes it challenging to road trip). As I explained to the very judgmental tree lady if she gives me that tree it equates to a death sentence because I put that tree out in my concrete jungle and it doesn’t stand a chance. I can’t help but think there were many others who didn’t decline and just took the tree and trashed it. I hope that the building had someone sorting the garbage to pull out trash trees – otherwise I’m not sure, and maybe I’m being skeptical, that they came out ahead in their tree giveaway. At the end of the day – I know I saved a tree by not taking it so I feel pretty good about myself!

Denver Sunrise over Dream Lake (aptly named if you ask me)


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