Walt Disney World?

Well not exactly – see this is only the castle that inspired the Disney Castle. This is Neuschwanstein (pronounced in my American accent New-Schwan-Stone) Castle in Germany. The castle was commissioned by the Mad King Ludwig and it was the building of this castle which essentially bankrupt his entire family – shortly after his death which was suspicious at best (he and his doctor drowned in waist high water lake) – his family opened the castle to public for tours and slowly recouped their wealth.

This picture was taken from Mary’s Bridge which is about a mile hike up into the mountains! It was a gorgeous day for a hike with sun peaking through the clouds and temps in the fifties.

This castle – and hike up the mountain – were recently featured on the Amazing Race TV Show that has contestants traveling around the world.

The Amazing View!


6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World?

    • It is mine – I took it about 15 months ago when my wife and I were in Munich. I was just starting to learn photography and it was one of my first HDR images. I think it turned out well but when I tried to blow it up I noticed some chromatic abrasion around the castle so I must have done something incorrectly. Viewed this size though I think it is really nice!

  1. Thanks again! I’ll be trying to post each day. We have some trips to Denver, New Orleans and Washington DC planned and I’ll be firing away trying to get as much as I can while there.

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