What constitutes paradise? I’ve heard people say that you are either a beach, mountain or city person. I live in a city but love going into the mountains – at this point in my life I don’t think I could live there but eventually that’s where I see myself retiring. My wife on the other hand would live on a beach right now and will want to spend the rest of her life at the beach when the work is done. Hopefully we can come to some sort of compromise – otherwise we will be spending our ‘golden years’ apart. I’m sure we will think of something.

Second Anniversary

We took our second anniversary in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The beaches were spectacular but the rest of the country was eye opening. In order to get off our resort we had to exit two gates guarded by men with machine guns who warned us not to go very far and suggested we not leave the property. We only took one day trip – to the capital city of Santo Domingo – but during that day trip we saw areas of the country that contrasted drastically with the paradise we were living in just a short distance away. I will say though that everyone we saw and met was smiling ear to ear and could not have been happier. It really makes you wonder why in America we all seem to be so down all the time – we have things so good (all things considered) but yet we let little minor things ruin our day. Each time I look at this picture it makes me think of how fortunate I am.


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