Wine Country Sunrise

I had a few meetings on the west coast and following those meetings my wife met me out in Los Angeles and we drove up to the Santa Ynez valley to go to visit some wineries. I got up early one morning to head out and take some pictures of the valley at first light. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t in the mood to cooperate and the time for sunrise came and went without much of anything happening. I packed up the gear and got back to the car and started driving back to the hotel disappointed that it hadn’t worked out. I should also add that it was FREEZING – I was not prepared for temps in the thirties in California (averages were fifties) so I was severely underdressed and sitting in the heat of the car was much more appealing than waiting it out any longer. As I was driving back the sky suddenly started changing colors and I noticed this lone tree sitting on top of a hill in the distance. I pulled the car over and ran up the hill with camera and tripod in hand. I setup and caught the shot just before the sun peaked over the hill in the distance and ruined the shot.

Lone Tree at California Sunrise


3 thoughts on “Wine Country Sunrise

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  2. Absolutely breathtaking. As a resident of Santa Ynez with an appreciation of the beauty here this photo definitely pulls on the heart. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful photo.

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