Praying for A/C

Who knew that I would ever HOPE it would get colder outside? It’s really pretty terrible. I mean I don’t want it to be colder – I enjoy warm weather; I like going outside without putting on multiple layers, flip flops are enjoyable, eating dinner and having a cold beer while enjoying the craziness of Chicago at an outdoor patio is alot of fun. However, I found myself tonight wishing and hoping and praying for it to get colder. That’s silly you might think except I live in a building in Chicago that refuses to put the A/C on if there is the chance that the temp will go back into the fifties…the fifties. Get a freakin’ blanket! It’s 85 degrees right now (at 10:17 PM) there is no breeze – none and even if it was my windows barely open so it wouldn’t be much of a help.

Westminster Abbey

I really wish I had a wide angle lens during this trip – I feel like I’m slighting the beauty of this church. This is the side view so it may not look like it looks on TV – however, I thought the stained glass window was very interesting and liked this shot better than from the more traditional point.


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