City of Lights

Driven down your freeways. Midnite Alleys Roam, cops in cars and topless bars….Continuing on my weekly music theme – why? I don’t know because I have a bunch of songs in my head as I type this for the second night in a row. Last night it was Elton John, tonight it is the Doors? My musical taste varies by the hour – next thing I know I’ll be humming some Justin Beiber.

Off to LA for work – hoping if all goes well to check out Santa Monica Pier. This is right down the street from hotel I stay at and is the 405 freeway in LA at around midnight – traffic never stops here. I was out walking around trying to catch some light streaks and there was no shortage of traffic. It was a Thursday night but still…It’s the City of Night, city of Night, city of night, city of night – Woah!

Mr. Mojorisin


5 thoughts on “City of Lights

  1. Beautiful shot of LA. Did you take it? LA is one of the wonderful cities of the world. It gets a lot of grief about being superficial, but when you get to know her she is flat out amazing. from the food, to the sand, to the night life. I always look forward to spending time there. Cheers

    • It is a picture that I took. I go out there every few months for work. I didn’t realize how close the ocean was until I was out here this past time and drove out to Santa Monica Pier. I’d say that’s the best thing about LA is how close it is to the beach. I have to admit I haven’t spent alot of time on the food. I often eat Subway bc all the resteraunts by the hotel are closed by the time I finally get done taking pictures.

      • Thanks so much for the offer! I’ll let you know the next time I’m out that way. I have a few months before I’ll be back. I think next time I’m planning on staying along the coast and driving in though. That way I can get some sunrise pictures at the beach along with sunset. The client meets at 12:30 so I’ll have plenty of time (traffic dependent) to drive into the city.

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