Coming Home

It’s always good to be home and today is A/C Day so we FINALLY have A/C in the place which is fantastic. I won’t be woken up by the birds at 5 AM and hopefully will be able to make it through a night without waking up drenched in sweat. In honor of the NATO conference I thought I’d refocus on my hometown. I’m not very excited the conference is here this weekend – mainly for all the disruption it is going to cause my life. This makes me realize how happy I am that Chicago didn’t get the olympics in 2016 – if we are essentially shutting down miles of the city this weekend I can’t imagine what that month would have been like….

Photo of the Day

I often go out looking for reflections after it rains. I think it is very cool to photograph something that is ‘typically’ photographed but in a different way. This is the often captured Trump Tower in Chicago ‘framed’ by the Wrigley Building but because of the rain and the little puddle I was able to catch a nice reflection.


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