Freedom Trail

I started planning out our trip to DC in June today – I did a little research at lunch trying to figure out what places we wanted to check out. I also exchanged emails with some friends/work colleagues who were able to point out some restaurants that we have to check out. In particular I was told that I have to go to Brickskeller whose beer menu is as ‘long as the bible’…turns out it is pretty damn close.

Photo of the Day

All the planning made me remember the history we took in on the Freedom Trail in Boston, MA when we were there in October. This is the Granary Burying ground which houses about 2,300 graves and some famous Americans like Samuel Adams, Crispus Attucks, John Hancock and Paul Revere.


2 thoughts on “Freedom Trail

  1. Nice shot – just had to leave a note, your “About” is fricking hilarious – good stuff! Great images on your blog and I’ve enjoyed looking through your portfolio. Hope you enjoy the trip to DC!

    • Thanks Aaron – Looking forward to DC. Going down to New Orleans tomorrow and through the weekend. Looking forward to getting some pictures there as well. Your images of Chernobyl are surreal. The pictures of the kindergarten are amazing.

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