I was 10 years old when the wall came down. I know in my early school years we learned of East and West Germany but for most of my life this wasn’t a reality to me – it’s always just been Germany. However, I do have a deep appreciation of history and thus visiting Berlin and seeing the wall had a lot of meaning too me. This (relatively) thin wall kept people apart for 29 years. Numerous people died trying to climb over it or escape through it by using the trunks of friend’s cars, tunnels, etc… the museum at the wall was really fascinating as it told the stories of the people that lived with this reality for far too long.

Photo of the Day

It was extremely powerful to stand 21 years after the wall officially came down in both East and West Germany at the same time. It was crazy to think that I would have been shot years earlier for trying to do that same thing yet here I was a tourist in a foreign country with people all around me doing it like it wasn’t a big deal. My how the world can change in a number of years….


2 thoughts on “Imagine

    • Thanks! We were walking around just checking everything out and at one point stopped and realize that we were straddling where the wall used to be. It was pretty incredible.

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