This is one of the images that did it – one of the reasons I get up so dang early on the weekends and try to get out and shoot as often as I can. Some of you that have checked out the smugmug site may have already seen this but for those that haven’t I thought I’d throw it up here.

It is one of my favorite photographs.

Photo of the Day

This is taken at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. It is a sundial and I put it in the foreground shooting back onto the city with the shadow pointing off into Lake Michigan. God I love this city!

We are off to New Orleans for my wife’s good friends wedding but I’ll still be trying to post one photo each day – I won’t have computer with me so won’t be able to get any from New Orleans up but I’ll try to incorporate when we get back. It’s also my 32nd birthday on Memorial Day (May 28th) and I’ll be celebrating on Bourbon Street after a delicious dinner at Jaceques-Imo’s Cafe!


6 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Really inspiring. I love photography but I fricking hate getting up early. I’ve done it a few times and when you get a stunner like this it’s totally worth it. Absolutely brilliant colors in the sky; enjoy the b-day in New Orleans!

    • Thanks Aaron! Woke up for sunrise this morning in New Orleans and hope I got a few good shots down on the mighty Mississippi River. My wife had to get up early with me bc I’m not that familiar with the area so she wanted to keep me safe…the sacrifices she makes!

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