Santa Monica Sunset

This apparently is a pretty popular spot. There were a number of groups down there shooting – one was taking engagement pictures I believe while the other group was doing some sort of album cover it seemed like. They were dressed pretty rocker/alternative as well so don’t know how the Santa Monica pier sunset was playing into their image but what do I know about music these days…

Photo of the Day

This was the perfect end to a wonderful day out in California – I had a client meeting the next morning and got in early in the afternoon so I got in the rental car and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway. As the sun started to fall in the sky I knew I wanted to go back and shoot the pier so I turned the car around and drove back. The waves were getting stronger as the tide came in and a few pictures before this the camera almost went down and got sucked out into the ocean. Luckily I was able to grab hold of the tripod before it was lost at sea.


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