Wishing Well

This is the back of the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is often photographed from the front and I did that as well but I spent some time in the early morning hours exploring the property. Apparently they put a garden in outside when the summer months finally come – I don’t think it will look like the one from either of ‘The Shining’ movies which made this place famous (well those and the Stephen King novel that was inspired by this hotel which goes by the same name).

Photo of the Day

As I moved along the back of the hotel I noticed the reflection in the water and thought it would make a cool composition. I also liked how you can faintly make out the Rocky Mountains in the right hand corner of this shot. I tried to get more of them in it but I couldn’t find a way to compose it to incorporate them more fully.


2 thoughts on “Wishing Well

    • Yeah it was pretty cool and eerie. They had a channel playing the shining 24 hours a day. I watched it while falling asleep and woke up to jack nicholson screaming ‘Heres Johnny!’

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