Where it’s always summer

When does summer ‘officially’ kickoff to you? For me I always equate summer with the end of the ‘school year’ and even though I haven’t been in high school for 14 years to me the summer still starts at the beginning of June – I still vividly remember the joy that occurred as I walked out of that school building for the last time of the year. It was great to know you had 2 – 3 months of just relaxing. Why didn’t I listen when my parents said that I should enjoy every minute of it? I don’t usually admit this but they were right.

In Punta Cana it’s always summer – the drinks are always brought to your beach lounger and the sun is always (well 13 out 14 days we were there) shining. I admit I got a little stir crazy just sitting on the beach but I should have listened to my wife this time who said just enjoy it because she was right…It ended too fast and reality hits you right back in the face.

Photo of the Day

A wonderful sunrise in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – it doesn’t get much better than that.


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