Black Sunshine

There is a Rob Zombie song called Black Sunshine which is about a racing car (a Ford Mustang) – however this car is CLEARLY not a Ford Mustang. In spite of that every time I look at this photo the song Black Sunshine just pops into my head. ‘Gripping the wheels, his knuckles white with desire’…..this is Black Sunshine

Photo of the Day

This is from Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI – the home of Ford Motor Company. This was President FDRs limo during his time in office. Needless to say (during WWII) it is outfitted with some bad @ss protections. I’ve published this picture elsewhere prior but I’m travelling so apologize for those for which this is a repeat. Try to get back to some original material tomorrow. Waking up in a few hours to go take some pictures of farm houses and windfarms in lovely Minnesota – maybe those will work for tomorrow night if my flight gets in early enough to get them uploaded.


4 thoughts on “Black Sunshine

    • It’s HDR so I had three exposures and then ran it through Photomatix. There was a kid running through the right hand side (right next to the hood of the car) that I had to PS out of the picture because her blur was taking away from the car. I believe that I used Topaz Adjust on the ‘original exposed’ image in order to get the wall to look HDR and blend with the rest of the HDR’d image.

      The ‘main’ image though – with the car and flags – I color corrected using OnOne’s Software Perfect Effects and then hit the entire image with the ‘spicify’ filter from Topaz Adjust (toned down to maybe 25 – 40% opacity) since I don’t want to overdue it.

      Glad you like it. This is one of the few museums that doesn’t complain about tripods – which makes a shot like this (longer exposure up close) possible.

      • Don’t know if my response went through. Big thanks on this! I still haven’t installed a 2 year ago purchase of Photoshop… you’ve inspired me… I’m overdue!

      • No problem – I fell in love with HDR because I really think that is ‘how I see it’ when I’m on the scene taking the picture.

        I try not to overly PS or create something that isn’t there but some scenes (like this car) just look better when you throw a ‘spicify’ filter on there which pops those reflections out.

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