Beware Chocolate Icebergs

This was a GIANT chocolate Titanic from a chocolate shop in Berlin, Germany. All the other candy is ‘normal’ sized and as you can see I couldn’t even fit the entire ship in the camera’s frame. The chocolate counter was probably about the length of a football field with various truffles, pralines and others sweets. They even had some chocolate that was filled with whiskey (I didn’t think that one was particularly good). We bought a box of chocolate from the shop and some pretzels from a bakery next store to eat for lunch. We ate in the Gendarmenmarkt (a square in Berlin) in the shadows of the historical Konzerthaus, French and German cathedrals. The French cathedral was built in 1701 while the German one was built in 1708. They sit at opposite ends of the square and surround the Konzerthaus (a national Theatre house) which was added to the square in 1821.

Photo of the Day

If you are interested in the history of these chocolatiers (Heinrich Fassbender and Wilhelm Rausch) they have been making chocolate since 1863 – that’s a long time to perfect the process!


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