Pillow Fight!

We got on the subway in Berlin heading for the Brandenburg Gate – I forget what stop we boarded at but I do remember that I saw three guys dressed like the old school Beastie Boys carrying pillows boarding the train with us. We were in a foreign country – not that I thought it was the fashion but maybe some soccer (football) thing that us Americans didn’t get.

I didn’t really understand fully what was going on until we walked up the steps of the subway stop only to get ‘feathered’ – almost an entire pillow full of feathers just dropped onto our heads. I had planned to come and shoot the Brandenburg Gate at sunset but all of that went out the window when I realized what was actually going on. They were having a giant pillow fight right in the middle of Berlin. People everywhere were running around hitting friends/strangers with feathered pillows. I quickly climbed onto a dumpster – along with several others trying to avoid the chaos and started taking pictures. Eventually I ventured down on the ground level and shot some of the locals dancing and having a good time. This girl was moving side-to-side enjoying the festivities going on around her. I’m not sure if they set any records that day but I am sure that they had to be close.

Photo of the Day


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