Arlington National Cemetery

So many pictures from Washington DC to go through. I must be getting better at taking them because I actually wind up liking most of them whereas a year ago I’d only actually think one or two out of every ten pictures I took was actually decent.

This is Arlington National Cemetery – more than 400,000 are buried here. Most are soldiers but they also allow spouses and minor, disabled or unmarried children of soldiers to be buried here as well. It is overwhelming to see the amount of grave markers and realize the sacrifices made by those buried there.

Photo of the Day

We spent the afternoon at the cemetery and then headed over to the Marine Corps War Memorial (also called the Iwo Jima Memorial) before walking back to the Arlington Metro Station. I took this picture through the fence since the cemetery had already closed for the night. The little streaks of light running through the picture at various points are fireflies as this picture was taken just moments before it got so dark that we could barely see the markers in the cemetery. I hoped that the darker, more ominous light would look better for a cemetery shot but I wound up converting it to black and white as the color didn’t come out like I’d hoped.


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