Price of Freedom

The World War II Memorial in Washington DC consists of 56 pillars (one for each of the 48 states in 1945 and territories that sent men and women to the armed forces for the war), a pair of arches dedicated to the fighting in the Atlantic and in the Pacific, a fountain and this ‘Freedom Wall’ and reflecting pool. The Freedom Wall contains 4,048 gold stars – one star for every 100 Americans who died in the war. The full inscription reads ‘Here we mark the Price of Freedom’.

Even with my wide angle lens I wasn’t able to get all of the stars and inscription in frame so I decided to crop at the point where it read ‘Price of Freedom’ as I thought that captured the message of the monument.

Happy Independence Day to all – I watched the American Revolution marathon today on the History channel – anything to keep me out of the Chicago heat. I’d planned on going down to photograph the fireworks but the 98 degree temps and heat index of 105 had me call an audible. Maybe next year.

Photo(s) of the Day


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