Guilty Pleasures

Recently I’ve been getting into a few things that I always thought were a little ‘dorky’ – maybe it is because I’m getting older and don’t really give a about what others think but for whatever the reason it makes me wonder if I’ve missed out on some good stuff over the years. For example, I’ve torn through the first three Game of Thrones books after getting hooked on the HBO series, started listening to movie soundtracks (and the game of thrones soundtrack) at work because of the high energy pace that keeps me going all day long. Today I’m listening (for free) to the “Dark Knight Rises” soundtrack – click the link and you can blast it too. It’s awesome and won’t disappoint.

However, I wonder now if I should go back and read all the Harry Potter books, watch the DVDs or both. Same thing with the Hunger Games – I’ve added it to my summer reading list because I feel like as everyone has hyped it up that it has to be good.

Photo of the Day – Rockies Valley at Sunset

This was taken in May when the sun was setting over the Rocky Mountains. I tried to add some scale to the mountains by including the boulders in the foreground. Unfortunately, since I was so high up in the mountains to begin with (hence the snow) the peaks across the way didn’t look at all that impressive. About fifteen feet in front of me though there was a pretty significant drop off so the boulders also provided me a little warning to not proceed any further.


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