Immaculate Library of Congress

I love books – it was so disappointing to me when Borders closed in my neighborhood. Of course, I was probably the problem with Borders. I’d spend all day there, hanging out drinking coffee reading and then leave empty handed 7/10 times. I’d buy the occasional new release but for the most part I’d fish from the buy 2 get 1 free table and then have what I needed to read until the switched the stock out on the table and then I’d go back and do it again.

While in Washington DC I visited the Library of Congress – I think this is probably a site that gets overlooked in DC but it is absolutely gorgeous. The architecture is amazing but also some of the old, historical books they have on display like the Guggenheim Bible, Thomas Jefferson’s library (his actual library – with all of his old books) and the first map that names ‘America’ from the year 1507. Alot of very cool stuff – if you are ever in DC I’d recommend a quick visit.

Photo of the Day – The Great Hall of the Library of Congress

2 thoughts on “Immaculate Library of Congress

  1. It is – the architecture is amazing. I’m bummed I didn’t go into the main reading room. You had to take a tour and I didn’t have time to wait because I was on my way to the airport. Next time though.

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