Reliving the Past

I spent some time today going back through some old photos from past vacations – this is one from my wife and I’s first trip to Europe. We were newly dating (relatively) at the time and this was our first ‘big’ vacation together. We learned very quickly that we vacation differently. I tend to follow guidebooks quite religiously and want to see everything I possibly can in the shortest time possible. Have you seen National Lampoon’s European Vacation? I’m Clark Griswold to the ‘T’. My wife, however, likes to take her time and appreciate the sights – she believes we will at some point be back to these places and we can see what we didn’t see the first time then. I believe on this day we woke up at 7 AM, walked about ten miles and got back to the hotel about 10-11 PM. She wanted to shower and go to bed whereas I was ready to keep going and hit a bar for some late night activities. We decided to go our separate ways and I headed out to watch some futbol with the locals and drink some nice cheap Italian wine. I came home and there was a stool in the shower, she was already asleep so I didn’t find out until the next day that she was too wiped to even stand in the shower…we took it easier the rest of the vacation.

Five years later we are still learning how to vacation together – I keep trying to convince her we need to head back to Italy so I can slow down and appreciate it more. She isn’t buying that can do that – she’s probably right!

Photo of the Day – Il Colosseo

This is about 3 1/2 years before my DSLR purchase but I still like the way it looks. I took it with a Sony DSC-T70 point and shoot camera – it was and is a really nice camera so the quality of the image still came out well even without having the ability to do HDR (didn’t even know what that was at the time). I did some light editing in PhotoShop and then added a little black/white in Nik Software. I finished it off with onOne Focal Point to blur the edges and draw the viewers eye right down the center of the historical Colosseum.


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