95 Straight Days

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – watching the tide roll away….

The Choctawhatchee Bay to be exact. I scouted this location out the evening before and knew I wanted to get back to watch the sunrise here. My wife’s friend got married on this dock later that day – it was a great wedding and a wonderful setting to have a reception. Could you get a more beautiful place?

Photo of the Day – Otis Redding would be proud

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most epic sunrise I’d ever seen. The trials and tribulations of being an amateur photographer trying to capture travel photos. Unfortunately, you sometimes don’t hit the perfect shot. However, you need to get up each and every morning and just pray you nail the shot.

Work is getting busy and I am trying to keep up with a 365 project – today is post number 95 – 3 straight months! It really has become somewhat of an addiction. I try to find new and interesting things to post. I go through pictures each night and try to work on one and post it. A quarter of the way there and we will see if I make the full year – it’s a goal so hopefully I can keep it going. Thanks again to all that have followed thus far.

Justin – TheRoamingLama.com


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