Lights go down in the City

Is there a prettier sight then the Chicago skyline at sunset? This is back in winter when it was still freezing cold and it was the last picture I took for the night. I said I was going to go back to this same point in the summer and try to hang on a bit longer to capture ‘blue hour’ exclusively, however, I haven’t made it down there this summer.

Photo of the Day – Orange Glow

I had scouted this location out online through Flickr, StuckOnEarth, etc…The tent in front of the Ferris Wheel is a pavilion on Navy Pier where they put on shows for children, families, etc.. all throughout the year. The Chicago Skyline is one of the best in the world. However, with the proximity to the lake it is hard to get a clear shot of it at sunset. This is close but I needed to be about twenty feet taller.

We are heading out of town for the weekend – it’s my wife’s birthday Sunday and we are going to spend the weekend in Michigan with her parents. Looking forward to riding some bikes and enjoying homemade Crawfish Etouffe – Yum!


4 thoughts on “Lights go down in the City

    • Nice thought – I’ll head over there when and give it a shot. I’ll need to see if they allow a tripod. I’ll also need them to hold steady at the top. Both those things could be a challenge but worth the effort.

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