King of New Orleans

Better Than Ezra is playing a concert just down the street from our house tonight in Chicago and we are going to head over there tonight to catch the show. My wife, who grew up in Louisiana, really likes them and so over the course of the years I’ve come to listen to a lot of their music. My favorite song has to be Kings of New Orleans – I realized though as I was starting to think about it that I didn’t know what the song meant so I looked up other people’s interpretations of it and apparently it is about the homeless and vagabonds in the city that consider themselves the ‘kings’ of the city but most just pass them by, laugh when mean things happen to them (bum fighting was popular for awhile) and seem to forget that they are people too. They have families, stories, etc… things just didn’t work out for them so far and may never will. A lot of it, no doubt, is stuff they could have corrected on their own and maybe are working towards correcting – the one line makes sense to me now:

‘Would ya you give him one more chance
Try and see the beauty in his world’

Maybe that one chance will turn their life around for the better.

Photo of the Day – The Riverwalk Jesters

These jesters are along the Riverwalk in New Orleans – the statue is freaky and there are a number of them along the river front. They stand pretty tall so I laid down on the sidewalk and zoomed in tight on the face of one of them in order to isolate just the face and the face on the scepter he was holding.


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