We Know Why you Fly

Well mostly I fly for business, but occasionally it’s for pleasure. Luckily as you probably can tell I often take a day or two on the side of some business trips to roam around and explore other cities. I truly enjoy meeting other people and experiencing life in all its glory!

In the next six weeks I’ll be on the road about once a week – Minneapolis, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Denver/Estes Park, Houston and finally Phoenix/Grand Canyon. Should be a lot of long days but the rewards for me are tremendous. Even though it will be jam packed I’m looking forward to the journey – just hoping American Airlines is good to me.

Photo of the Day – Punta Cana Airport

We spent about 12 hours at the lovely Punta Cana airport – not by choice mind you but rather because of mechanical failures on the plane. I took this photo right as we arrived at the airport – if you ever have to spend extended time at this location I’d advise you to bring some food or plan to starve. Hamburgers/fast food pizza/etc… was more expensive than the beer! $20 for a Wendy’s combo meal and a cheeseburger for my wife and I to split.


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