Sometimes you need a little spark to keep you going in the right direction – in the past two days I’ve received a couple of those for which I feel truly grateful.

On top of the inspiring blogger nomination from George Hayward I received some additional good news today when I officially sold my first photograph.

I was contacted through Flickr by an interior designer who liked the look of one of my photographs and wanted to blow it up on a huge canvas for use in a house she was decorating. She paid me for the one time use of the image and asked me if I’d be available for some potential work in the future if she had any other requests for Chicago inspired images in the future. Of course I said that sounded tremendous and it really made me feel like the hard work I’ve been putting in (waking up hours before the sun comes up, spending hours at the computer on the weekends watching tutorials, listening to numerous podcasts, browsing and being inspired by the work of others, etc….) is paying off. There is obviously still a long way to go but when it gets tough I’ll have this spark to fall back on – just hoping there are more sparks in the future.

Photo of the Day – Wrigley Field

This is the photo that she wanted for the wall. She is blowing it up to 80×40 and stretching it over canvas I presume. This photo is actually an 18 shot panorama – it is a composite of six different HDR photos taken in succession and then stiched together using photoshop. It winds up being a massive file – I think the .

The ironic thing now that I’m looking at this photo is that of the 8 Cub players you can actually make out on the large posters (Reed Johnson, Geo Soto, Kerry Wood, Starlin Castro, Matt Garza, Marlon Byrd, Paul Maholm, Darwin Barney and Ryan Dempster – Dale Sveum is the coach) only three are actually still with the team (Castro, Garza and Barney) after this trade deadline and Wood’s retirement. Apparently this wasn’t their year!

By the way if you are ever interested in purchasing and framing any of the photos you see on this site they are all for sale and smugmug offers a nice easy cart. If you need a special size just contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

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2 thoughts on “Spark

  1. Wow! Congrats!!! It was bound to happen, you have some seriously good looking work!! I’m a huge fan 😉 ! It seems this is your true passion. It definitely shows. Keep it up!!!

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