So I watched the movie Contagion this afternoon and it is some really scary stuff – now I’m not a hypochondriac or anything like that but just little things I don’t think twice about like a bowl of peanuts at a party, picking up and recycling someones can/bottle, etc… I also enjoyed how the movie took some swipes at the various blogs that spread rumors with little or no substantial truth behind them just to try and get unique hits – Jude Law portrayed those egotistical maniacs brilliantly. I don’t watch alot of movies – and maybe this is why. I’ll think twice about sticking my hand in for some snack mix on the bar the next time.

Photo of the Day – Where Miracles Happen

As I was jogging today I saw the Swim Across America taking place here in Chicago. The proceeds go to raise money and awareness for cancer research. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is one of the most prominent hospitals across the country and is at the forefront of cancer research. I was in Rochester, Minnesota for work and felt a little weird photographing a hospital but it was a very impressive building and the reflection coming off the building and the clouds in the sky made a nicely contrasted image.


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