The War

So I’m having a little bit of Olympic Burnout tonight and while I do find Track and Field exciting I just can’t bring myself to sit down and watch it. I started watching The War on PBS which I assume they’ve been broadcasting all day and they showed FDR giving one of his fireside chats shortly after the D-Day Invasion. Listening to the soldiers tell their story of survival and storming the beaches is truly remarkable.

One of the guys they interviewed said – ‘Leading those twelve men off the beach is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life’ – I got chills as he spoke. Unfortunately, his brother died either during the same charge or in another beach invasion elsewhere. It’s been nearly 70 years and his eyes still filled with tears when he spoke of his brother. Soldiers are truly amazing in what they have done for our country.

Photo of the Day – The FDR Memorial in Washington DC

The FDR Memorial is actually a pretty sizable park within Washington DC. Essentially there are four ‘rooms’ in the park that symbolize each of his four terms in office. Each room has a different statue that commemorates a various aspect of his life. This is the sculpture from his third term in office – so in the third room – and it sits beside a series of waterfalls. The family dog is immortalized beside him.


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