The Wire

What an amazing show….took me a few years to start watching it (in fact a decade or so) but I am finally working through it and I’m now on the end of season three. I can see why so many people consider it to be the best show ever made. Just the way the multiple story lines tie together and the characters are believable.

Photo of the Day – The Boys in Blue

This was taken in the middle of winter – around Christmas time. I was out walking around Chicago and saw this cop car sitting in the middle of Michigan Avenue. I approached slowly (its not like I was doing anything wrong so I don’t know why I was creeping up on the car like they would arrest me if I got to close) in order to make sure it was okay with the officers if I took pictures. I was relieved when the car was abandoned. They must have been out working the streets or something like that.

I used Topaz Adjust to add some texture to the street and to the cop car. It’s been awhile since I processed it so I can’t recall which filter I used in OnOne software but I wanted to make the city seem a little ‘darker’ than it actually was.


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