Cotton Candy

I’m heading down to Dallas tomorrow night for work and will be going to the Rangers-Tigers game on Sunday with some friends. They are spoiling me this weekend with a baseball game on Sunday – but not only that a real Texas style BBQ on Saturday night followed by a trip to the Rodeo in Fort Worth. There may even be a bar and some dancing involved after the rodeo but if you read the seven things about myself (maybe number 7?) you would know that I absolutely CANNOT dance so it should be interesting.

Whenever I go to baseball games I see the guy walking around with cotton candy and I have to think that is the worst job in the park? I mean who buys cotton candy? It’s the most pointless ‘food’ they sell. Is there any nutritional value to it at all? Yes, I know kids like it but really do kids need it – it’s pure freakin’ sugar. You may as well just give them a pixie stick and tell them to snort it (Steve-O style!). That would be my nightmare if I showed up for my shift at the ballpark thinking I was on the hot dog cart only to be handed the obnoxiously large, view blocking stick tower of cotton candy…I’ll see you at the end of the game because there is no way I’m selling 20 of these today.

Photo of the Day – Cotton Candy Clouds

This is in St. Joseph, Michigan. I went out a few weeks before this to shoot the lighthouse and realized I went to a bad location to get the shot. I wound up taking a few beach shots – the ‘Pure Michigan‘ post was from that first morning. However, I knew I’d be back so I didn’t worry too much about it and just scouted for a better spot the next time. As I walked up to the spot to catch the sunrise I noticed the pink clouds behind the lighthouse and thought that would make a real pretty shot as well. Mind you the lighthouse isn’t ‘perfect’ looking with its rust spots and I thought about using Photoshop to paint that in but decided against it. The discoloration speaks to the age of it.


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