Weeping Willows

I had a day free while in New Orleans and I was a little tired of Bourbon Street (maybe my liver more than me exactly) so I took the street car down to Audubon Park and spent some time walking around and taking pictures of a very beautiful city park in the heart of New Orleans. Bordered by the campuses of Tulane and Loyola it is a very popular spot for running and exercising so despite the fact it was 90+ degrees there were a lot of co-eds running around the path getting their physical fitness on. There was also a boxing club using a gazebo as their ‘ring’ for training.

I wasn’t really in the mood for exercising though. I had a book and I went and laid under a weeping willow tree to get some shade. I had my camera with me so I experimented taking some pictures up into the trees. My goal was to try and get the ‘star’ component of the sun as it shined through. This was one of my favorite ones. Shooting directly into the sun required HDR so that the sun didn’t completely blow the foreground out. I edited the foreground for the ‘darkest’ exposure which is probably the way my eye actually saw it as I clearly wasn’t laying there staring directly into the sun the whole time.

Photo of the Day – Somewhere a Queen is weeping


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