Beautiful Sunrise

I’ve said many times on this blog that sunrise is my favorite time of day and this is why. Everything is just so peaceful – even in a crazy city like Washington DC it was me, two security guards and a handful of tourists doing the exact same thing I was. The sky was close to perfect (could have been a little better with a few clouds) and the colors were perfect. The only thing missing was the water in the reflecting pool – would have made for a nice reflection. Well I’ll have to go back in three years when they finally finish the construction!

Photo of the Day – Capitol hill sunrise

I’m in Dallas staying with some friends and I’ve got a real full day tomorrow planned tomorrow starting with a 5:00 AM wake up call so I can attempt to find a place in Dallas to see the skyline. Apparently it is really hard to get a good location to see it all – I assume because Dallas is so flat that it’s hard to get a good vantage point. The day will go strong until late into the evening as some other friends are taking me to see my first rodeo at the Stockyards in Fort Worth. I’m really excited about that – however, as an animal lover I’ve heard it’s difficult to watch at some points.

Ten years ago this would have been something I was too ‘cool’ for like it was somewhat beneath me. I don’t know why as a teen/young adult we strive so hard to be ‘cool’ – at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. I’m such a happier person doing things that make me happy rather than doing things that I think will make other people happy and if they don’t like me – I could care less.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunrise

  1. Funny you mention the whole “being cool” issue. I was just thinking about it today because I have come to realize I don’t enjoy heavily partying so much, or even going out every single weekend. I was afraid to be seen as “pathetic” or as a “loser” because I rather watch movies my family than drinking heavily and partying till sunlight. I have done that, I probably will do it again many more times but only when I feel like it, not because I’m afraid of what people may think.
    And, by the end of the day what makes us “cool” is doing what we love, doesn’t it?
    Pretty sweet photo, btw. 🙂

    • Agreed – I did that for many years. Too many late nights – not doing what I wanted to do because it made me feel like an outcast. Eventually, like you said, you recognize that its okay to be different and to do what you want to do. People actually look up to that and start to do the same thing. Quickly, you become ‘cool’ and everyone is trying to be like you and break the cycle. It is pretty ‘cool’. Thanks for the compliment Erika!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Yes, it would have better with few clouds and as you said, water in the reflective pool. But still you have taken this picture with perfection.

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