The Altar

As you enter from darkened entryway and open the doors to the church the colors around you just hit you in the face. Your eye is immediately drawn straight ahead of you towards that great big altar. The gold color columns that lead the eye up to the Renaissance style paintings above the altar.

Photo of the Day – Tunnel Vision

Unfortunately they don’t allow tripods in the cathedral so I had to hand hold this HDR – as a result some of the sides were blurry. I increased the blur effect using OnOne Software Focal Point 2.0.

Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

They announced the winners earlier today – one day I hope to be on this list. That would be me finding my greatness.

Lastly – this guy is pretty amazing. He carried his daughter (who has cerebral palsy) for an entire triathlon. What an amazing display of love and affection and making sure your children get to experience everything in life regardless of their condition.


3 thoughts on “The Altar

  1. The altar is beautiful,the nat geo pics are truly amazing and the last,of the “guy” I broke out in tears,truly heartwarming.It makes me believe there is a GOD..and things aren’t all bad in this world that we live in. Sorry but I can’t stop crying

    • You know I do like it but not sure I use it properly. There is a learning curve of course and I will say that OnOne has a huge amount of tutorials online that you can browse. In the winter I’m going to spend alot of time going through those and determining how to isolate specific spots of the photo and blur just them. All-in-all I think I got the whole bundle (six pieces of software for like $99 on special) and Perfect Effects alone is worth that much. All the others are ones I’ll use sporadically (like Focal Point) but they do help when you need them.

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