The Color of Money

We were in DC and as we walked by the Treasury building I remembered one of the filters on the onOne Software Perfect Effects was called the Color of Money. I didn’t want to shoot a standard head on shot but rather focus in on the details of the building that I found interesting. As I walked around the building the columns really jumped out at me so I stood directly underneath them and pointed the camera up. I zoomed in to capture a portion of the word ‘Treasury’. Obviously when I got home I processed it using the filter aptly named color of money.

Photo of the Day – The Root of all Evil

I was in Michigan the past 24 hours for work – I was able to have dinner with my family and as I was leaving heading out to the hotel I thought – I should really by a Powerball ticket as it was $337 million or somewhere around that. I never actually bought a ticket so I obviously didn’t win but as I was talking with a few people someone made a comment about how all that money would just make you miserable. I couldn’t help but think, how? How, could that possibly make you miserable? Sure more people would want to hit you up for funds and you’d wind up picking up the check more often than not. However, I wouldn’t think that money would have any impact on my relationships with those I consider to be my friends and family. Certainly, the randoms would pop out of the woodwork and want a dollar here or there but unless you were just craving attention why would you listen to it? I’m in finance so I think I have a better understanding of money but even so I can’t imagine any downside to never having to worry about money again. I’ve thought about it a few times today – as I pay bills, as I get groceries and make sure I have enough cash to cover it… would not having to even think about that be a bad thing…..

Warning – not safe for work – start at the 1:10 mark. People who know me know I love Ben Affleck (and Matt Damon).

The 2:16 mark of this clip applies to the title. At one point in my life I wanted to be a ‘broker’ but realized its hard to make money in that field without climbing up someone’s back and screwing them over. Thank God I found an alternative career path!


4 thoughts on “The Color of Money

  1. Who is this I’m following!? Outstanding post!, and with an appropriate video perfect to go with it. Great segue from travel, to discussion on money, then to that video and that ending.
    I don’t know. To be honest, i’d be so floored with so much money in my pocket. But then again, i’d assume that even though it would save me headaches worrying about earning money, it would give me a different kind of headaches dealing with gobs and gobs of money. Like you said,in the end, there are just things I wouldn’t dare do in replacement of being money hungry.

    • Thanks Rommel – it’d be nice to find that happy medium. Enough where you could just live a nice easy life without anyone bothering you and maybe just travel full-time. That’d be the life :)!

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