One of those days

Some days you just feel a little more stressed out than others. Whether it is work, school, life in general or some combination of things. It helps to know and think that next week at this time won’t be so bad. It dulls the stress level a little. However, the best bet on a nice perfect day here in Chicago in the middle of summer is to go find a nice open patio someplace and sit back with a cold drink (sort of like those corona commercials on TV) and just let your cares melt away.

Photo of the Day – The Story of the Hurricane

We don’t have any hurricanes in Chicago (that I know of) but if we did they wouldn’t be as good as the signature (at least I think it’s the signature – hell it’s ONE of the signatures if not) Hurricane from Pat O’s in New Orleans. Sure it’s alot of colored water and not a ton of booze and leads to a mean headache after a few too many….but it’s dang good going down and I guarantee you won’t be thinking about work afterwards.


2 thoughts on “One of those days

    • I’ll have to look into it. I know there is a place called ‘Heaven on Seven’ that does Cajun food down there – not sure if they have Hurricanes though. I also thought they opened a cajun place on the river recently but I haven’t been there. My wife is pretty particular about her cajun food being from Louisiana and all so it has to get good reviews for us to take the chance to go there.

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