Judgement Day

Quick post tonight and probably the rest of the week as work is heating up. A busy travel schedule this week and then hopefully tapering off into fantasy football week….first draft (of three) is Sunday. This is by far my favorite time of year because all of my teams are good. By week three I’ll have a better idea of how my team stacks up in relation to others and then I’ll start paying more attention to the ‘good’ one (or hopefully two) while the other suffers. Sure, I’ll try to make some changes to the ‘bad’ one but at the end of the day I’ll cut my losses and look to next year.

In the heat of the draft – sometimes you panic though and do something you probably shouldn’t. Maybe you start to snowball and the draft goes down hill – you continuously try to cover up that initial mistake and it just makes everything worse. However, some drafts you go through and think it is perfect only to realize that the team actually sucks. The season plays out as judgement day and you either win it all or try again next season.

The Vatican building in Rome is one of the more impressive buildings I’ve been to in my life. This statue was scary looking and it was a little creepy looking up towards him as those marble eyes seemed to judge constantly.

Photo of the Day – Vatican Statue

Taken with a Sony Cybershot camera and processed with PhotoShop and OnOne Perfect Effects


One thought on “Judgement Day

  1. When I saw the title, “fantasy football” was the last thing I would’ve anticipated. But I do indeed love your description of it – so true! We tend to focus on our good teams and neglect the struggling ones, and sometimes after a draft (last year for me) we think we’ll be undefeated, only to find out we had a .500 roster. Darn it!

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