Sunrise at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

This shot was from our first morning in DC – I really didn’t want to get up. I wanted to sleep in but dragged myself out of bed – I was lucky that I did because the next two mornings we had were rainy and overcast.

It was very peaceful at the memorial and there really was not a lot of people hanging out there. We ran by a few hours later and it was swarmed. One of the advantages of getting up early is the ability to get shots of these iconic structures without other like minded tourists in your way.

Photo of the Day – Mini Abe

You can even see the ‘mini’ Abe Lincoln sitting in between the two columns. Come back a few hours later and that would be mostly unattainable. Trust me though he certainly isn’t mini when you walk up to it – the structure and his statue is huge (as it should be).

This is an HDR image and while I didn’t manipulate it – I did blend three images together to form this one. It allows for ‘truer’ colors to come out in the image. We use photoshop to do this and some call it ‘cheating’ – I found this article and future exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum to be of interest and those who consider Photoshop and HDR cheating should take a look. ‘Cheating’ has been done forever – the advancement of technology has just made it simpler for the rest of us and negated that learning curve and hours spent in the darkrooms. Now its hours spent still in a darkroom but with computers rather than chemicals.

Life Before Photoshop


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