Angels and Demons

We did a little spring cleaning yesterday and I found this Dan Brown book that I must have borrowed from someone last year – if you are reading this and it’s your book I’m sorry – I’ll read it this week and try to give it back. Shoot me an email if it’s yours….

I read an article earlier from Scott Bourne about how to immediately improve your photography – almost overnight. It had nothing to do with equipment or processing or anything – rather it was simply getting rid of the negativity around your life and not letting those who criticize you to dominate your thoughts. I think this is a fairly common piece of advice everywhere but unfortunately (and far to often) we focus on that one negative comment and let it distract us from improving our lives – regardless of what we are trying to accomplish.

In the days of social media when everything is so out in the open it is far to easy to have that angel on one shoulder and demon on the other. Each is pulling you in different direction and makes it far to easy to get distracted from just trying on a daily basis to improve our lives.

Photo of the Day – Cherub Water

From the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans – one of the Cherub’s holding the holy water as you enter the church. Handheld HDR shot – always a challenge in interior spaces but don’t think it came out too soft.


2 thoughts on “Angels and Demons

    • Thanks again Erika – It makes me so happy that you enjoy checking in occasionally and viewing my photos and reading my posts. Like I said a few weeks ago I didn’t know what a wonderful community of people were out here on the web but it really has blown me away how many great and interesting people you ‘meet’ via the social networks. The world wide web truly is that in that it intertwines people from all walks of life, parts of the globe, etc… into one cohesive place where we can (mostly cordially) interact.

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