Long Way Down

Hearing a song on the radio that you haven’t heard in years just brings back a flood of memories. On the way back from one of the most God awful softball games (double header mind you – so twice as bad) I’ve ever played the song Follow you Down came on the radio and immediately I remembered getting my license and driving around popping a Gin Blossoms tape into the tape player and listening to it over and over. I may have actually recorded it off of the radio – do you remember doing that? I’d sit in my bedroom and make ‘mix tapes’ so I could listen to the music anytime I was in my car. Now you just go to iTunes or and download it to your iPod and you are all setup – no corny DJs to have to suffer through or anything. I’ll be putting a few songs on my iPod tomorrow and reliving those awkward teenage years.

Photo of the Day – Micro Machines

From the top of the Eiffel Tower – I pointed my camera over the edge and shot down. I used Perfect Focus in order to blur slightly the top/bottom and create a tilt shift effect that serves to miniaturize the part of the photo that is in focus. It reminded me of being a kid and playing with micro machines. Those tiny little cars that I’d inevitably lose only to have one of my parents or siblings step on one and howl at me for not putting away my toys.


2 thoughts on “Long Way Down

  1. Totally relate to the mixed tapes and the Gin Blossoms. Good times! Great photo too!! I took my senior high school trip to Europe with Paris being on that stop. This post takes me back to high school in many ways.

    • I wish I would have went in high school – I remember all the stories from that trip and my classmates had a really good time. Listened to them all day today – mixed in some Better Than Ezra and Smashing Pumpkins – really took me back to the old mix tapes. Glad it jogged some memories!

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