End of the Line

Tough day in the office today but always made better by going through some travel photos and remembering that its that same job that keeps me there way too long some days that provides the opportunity to hop on airplanes and go all across the country to experience so many different things.

I was out in California on a business trip and headed over to one of the most famous piers in the country – the Santa Monica Pier. Now the route doesn’t actually end there (it ends a few miles away in Los Angeles) but they moved the official sign there since most people when they would drive cross country would inevitably wind up making there way out to the pier because why would you drive all the way across country and not visit the Pacific Ocean. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thus the pier became the ‘End of the Trail’ ten or fifteen years ago.

It really is a pretty nostalgic place – I spent a good amount of time playing in an arcade – it’s been a long time since playing Rampage, Street Fighter and Pacman all without switching the cartridge or CD. Using the actual pizza greased joystick was actually a nice little treat – paying $.75 per game not so much. Apparently inflation has hit the arcades as well!

Photo of the Day – Get your Kicks on Route 66


One thought on “End of the Line

  1. My favorite photo of Santa Monica is not really the Ferris Wheel. It’s that End of the Trail. Love that you chose it over the wheel. I’m hoping to cover all the stops I planned along Route 66.

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