Where has the time gone?

It’s the end of summer – I start to feel it right around Labor Day and with the kickoff of the College Football season it seems like it’s officially over. I looked out my window this morning and realized the leaves were starting to change colors already – fall is right around the corner. Fall is my favorite time of year anyways with football back and baseball playoffs to look forward too but it does mean that another cold, frigid Chicago winter is right around the corner. I’ll soak up the next six weeks of hopefully temperate weather before the first snow and then get ready to bunker down for a long and dark winter.

Photo of the Day – The Pier

It helps in the winter months to look through pictures from California and realize it’s only a plane ride away to summer like weather. This photo was taken in December – I believe the temperature in Chicago was around 0 but in California it was in the 60s/70s…not ‘warm’ by their standards but I was in tee shirt and shorts loving life.

Big game tonight – Go Blue!


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