Amazon just got a whole lot better

The announcement made earlier should be the final nail in the coffin for Netflix – I recently cancelled my subscription because I found with HBO to Go and other streaming apps I just wasn’t using it enough to justify even the $10/month bill. I’m sure alot of subscribers will think the same way now that they can get EPIX movies (Avengers, The Hunger Games) via their Amazon Prime membership. I’m not a Prime member yet but I shop on Amazon enough that it may make sense – especially if you now can stream a ton of programming within that same $79/year membership to go along with ‘borrowing’ books digitally from their library and free shipping. While I haven’t made the decision to go Prime yet I heard they are also launching another deal next week which some think will be more streaming capabilities.

Amazon Partners with EPIX

Photo of the Day – Dominican Idols

From our resort in Punta Cana – A friend will be going down there in a few weeks so I was giving her some tips earlier today and it made me think to revisit some of my pictures from that trip. While this isn’t a typical beach scene I found the little idols/statues spread throughout the resort to be pretty cool looking. Those that lined the walking paths also sometimes doubled as ashtrays for the smokers on the resort so I don’t think they held any sort of historical spiritual meaning but rather the owners of the resort just felt the same as me and that they looked interesting.


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