Craft & Vision

Photography like anything else takes lots of practice – you can always find ways to get better whether it is through looking at other people’s photos, reading books/blogs, listening to podcasts, watching tutorials, etc…. However, it really doesn’t matter how much you ‘know’ you can’t simulate the act of doing. You have to do it again and again until you finally get it right. I started this blog as a way to force me to get better. Trying to put a picture a day up on a web page means you need to sit down and do something everyday to get better – over the year I’ve been out to Rocky Mountain National Park about 4 times. Luckily work pays for the trips or I wouldn’t be able to go out there as often – the point of this story is that the first time I went out there I came back with very few pictures I actually liked. The next time it got a little better but this most recent time I am finding myself having a hard time discerning through shots I like and shots I hate. There are some that I know immediately won’t work and there are some that I am on the fence about – however, the decisions have become much harder. Alot of this has to do with the fact that I don’t take a lot of pictures that I know just from coming back and looking at on my screen I won’t like. There is a lot to NOT taking the picture that makes you improve.

I saw this quote earlier and it spurred me to write this post – ”I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison. – Those first few trips out west weren’t failures because with each trip I learned a little more about what will and won’t make a good shot.

Now I’m certainly not to the point where I’m satisfied and in fact my thirst for knowledge has never been stronger. In fact, I’m going to be reading this book called ‘Portraits of Earth‘ over the weekend to try and pick up some additional tidbits. I’m just glad I’ve gone out there and failed over and over again. I’ll bet that next year at this time when I browse through some of these pictures from the past 150 days I’ll be disappointed with some of them – but its better to feel that way then to be disappointed that I didn’t try.

Photo of the Day – Bear Lake Sunrise

One of the most toured lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park because it is so close to a trailhead (Bear Lake Trailhead). Within the next two hours this lake was swarmed with other tourists. None of them knew what they had missed in the morning. The peaks from the Rockies are right behind me but the sunrise and color of the sky were attracting my attention back over the lake and I thought the reflections would make a good shot.


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