Successful People

Most successful people don’t just fall @ss backwards into through some magic stroke of good luck. Instead they bust their work hard to make it happen – we sometimes envy those that make it and say ‘damn I wish I had what they had’ but most of us don’t recognize what it takes to be great. Sure Jordan was blessed with being 6’6 with the ability to soar through the air farther and higher than most of us can dream BUT that’s not what made him the best ever – alot of people can dunk and jump. Not alot of people can be the best and what made him the best according to his long-time coach Phil Jackson was having the humility to know he had to work constantly to be the best. Therefore, he spent everyday in the offseason shooting hundreds, if not thousands of jumpshots to perfect it. The same can be said for Marissa Miller, Phil Knight or Mark Cuban as well. When I watch Mark Cuban on Shark Tank – I think he seems like a pretty normal guy – much like me into sports, seems like he would enjoy tying one on occasionally but then you read that he didn’t take a vacation for seven years while building his first business and you realize the sacrifices he made along the way to make it happen.

This was such a good (short) article on 16 People Who Worked Unbelievably Hard to Succeed that I just had to post it here. Should make us all recognize that there aren’t any shortcuts.

Speaking of Mark Cuban – he’s a blogger as well – not as often because he clearly has a lot of other stuff going on but I enjoyed his blog on people who are pissed off at Facebook for ‘pricing their IPO too high‘….in his words there is a sucker born every minute and if you are sitting on one side of a trading terminal not knowing who the sucker is it’s you…clearly there were alot of suckers in on the Facebook IPO, including Mark Cuban himself, but he’s not pissed off about it. In fact the tone of his article sounds like he is a little envious that they were as good as they were at hyping it.

Photo of the Day – A Great American

A little alone time with my boy TJ.


4 thoughts on “Successful People

  1. Very great share you got here.
    It’s really with the person whether they want to aim high or not, personal preference, personal goals. Then, it’s really up to them whether they want to make it into a reality. Above all, passion for something really plays a role into living your life, thinking about the future.

  2. Totally agree and hope my post didn’t come off as being too one sided – success is many things and yes having a passion helps achieve that success. I was actually thinking about it last night when going to bed that it may come off a little more ‘puffed up’ than I intended. I guess what was getting me all fired up is that a lot of people seem to misconstrue envy and want the end results before putting in the work it takes to get them. I don’t think I’d ever want to do what Mark Cuban did in not vacationing for seven years…knowing the end result I might but it’s debatable.

    • It was inspiring to me as well – sometimes it’s hard to fathom the sacrifices some of the successful people make to get there. We envy what they have achieved but most (including myself) aren’t willing to put in the work and sacrifice the things they have. It’s all about choices.

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