There are certain things that just amuse me I guess – I was sitting in Audubon Park in New Orleans trying to kill a few hours before I needed to catch my flight. It was a very peaceful day and I kept watching this turtle floating on a little log – occasionally another turtle would come over and try to knock him off of it like a ‘King of the Hill’ game but this little guy stood strong. He also seemed determined to make it over to his friends in the distance without actually getting into the water himself – he was determined but I didn’t have the patience to stick around to see if his log would take him there. For some reason I just kept thinking that this distance he had to cross must seem like miles to him when really it was only a football field or so…still to a turtle? How far does it seem? Sure there is water but when you are trying to stay dry – well it could take a while.

Photo of the Day – The Little Turtle that Could

What an Amazing Trip
Read this blog earlier – West Coast Trail by Canadian Hiking Photography – and just immediately wanted to throw on some boots and tackle it myself. The pictures are amazing too.


2 thoughts on “Amused

  1. Love this … reminds me of waiting for a water taxi in Amsterdam and watching a couple of birds (and I don’t what they were, sadly) building a nest in an old tire in the water, out of garbage floating in the area. One bird, the female I guessed, was sitting in the nest and taking the fast food wrappers, et al, that her companion kept bringing. She would remove them from his beak and stuff them somewhere in her new home. It was captivating and entertaining … and quite the nest!. I posted an image on my blog “Eyes to Heart” some time ago. Still makes me smile … Hope you had a safe journey … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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