Societal Norms

I tend to be a ‘conformist’ in that I don’t challenge authority much, while I think independently often I believe rules are established and set in place for a reason and who am I to try and change them. I found this post by Paolo Coelho’s blog interesting. It is about the ‘Importance of Cats in Meditation‘.

Makes you think about why we don’t ask more questions sometimes – instead just taking things at face value. While this is a minor thing (cat’s in meditation) I think the bigger point is that by asking questions and thinking about whether it makes sense we, collectively, have the ability to change things – for better or worse.

Short post today as I’m off to the Cubs-Astros game (which by the way may be the WORST pitching matchup I’ve ever seen – what do you expect from a couple of teams fighting their way to 100 losses though). I’ll be paying close attention to those Monday Night Football games – have some fantasy implications involved. Ray Rice needs to be nice and Rivers needs to struggle a bit.

Photo of the Day – Dream Plane

HDR at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan (they let you use tripods – how rare!). I tried to add a slight ‘glow’ effect to the plane to make it appear like you see some of these planes in more recent movies during flashback scenes. I can’t specifically place the movie right now but I know I’ve seen effects like this on the big screen.


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