Stop Staring and Start Learning

‘Some days life doesn’t make sense – Be beautiful, be you.’ – The World’s Ugliest Woman

Read this article and it made me both sad and happy at the same time. She has such a positive attitude and at twenty-three years old she has accomplished so much. The author of two books and starting to be a motivational speaker. We can all learn a little if we stop staring.

Photo of the Day – Houston Pastels

I caught a wonderful sunset the night I was in Houston. The sky turned a nice pink/purple color and was reflecting off of the buildings. In the foreground is a walkway that connects several of the large buildings in the area together. I presume so in the depths of 100 degree summer heat people don’t have to walk outside and melt. I also heard Houston has a vast underground tunnel system that connects a large part of the downtown area.


One thought on “Stop Staring and Start Learning

  1. I just came across Lizzie’s article in Yahoo news and then came to my Reader to find this post!! I got really inspired from reading her story. Thanks for sharing the video, I think she is someone to look up to. What an amaaaazing picture! I’m in love with the pink sky!!

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